Spinach Wrap Pairing Ideas

  • *Omelet
  • *Samke harra and roasted almonds
  • *Bite sized rolls: Smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill, lemon slices
  • *Mushroom and red bell pepper omelet
  • *Grilled chicken, cherry tomato, basil, honey mustard
  • *Warm goat cheese, honey, sesame and greens
  • *Chicken, Avocado, tomato
  • *Smoked salmon & cream cheese
  • *White cheese, Bresaola, Sun-dried tomato, honey
  • *Boiled eggs, sweet potato, mayo
  • *Tandoori chicken, rice, mayo, rocca
  • *Bulgari cheese bowl in the oven
  • *Fetta, grilled bell pepper, honey balsamic sauce
  • *Chickpea & Tzatziki
  • *Cauliflower grilled or fried with romesco sauce (mhammara)


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