Our wraps are dehydrated not baked!

Dehydration at low temperature (45C) removes moistures from the food with minimal effect on its nutritional value. It allows for the long preservation of the wraps without the need for additives, preservatives or chemicals.

“Food is information”. In simple terms, this theory suggests that what you eat is what you become and that the daily dietary choices you make directly connect with your DNA and play a role in the process of gene expression.

When you make poor food choices, you’re more susceptible to inflammation and chronic disease. On the contrary, when you make healthy choices, you provide your body with the best tools it needs to stay healthy.

The world we live in is one of convenience and mass-produced food, filled with an abundance of toxins and chemicals. What we call “food” lacks the real vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body truly needs.

Food is powerful. It has the power to make you ill, but it can also be a powerful tool in healing and maintaining optimal health.

There are more than 3000 preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors added to your food Worse still, the regulations around what can and cannot be added are outdated and confusing – it can take years of testing to get an ingredient banned from the food supply.

Thankfully, you can control what you eat.

By chosing the dehydration method, Kenza veggie Wraps retain all the qualities and nutrients embedded in the vegetables to assist your body with nutrition and activate it’s gentle detox pathway. You feel satiated, energized, alert and light in your skin after a meal.

Drying or dehydration—the oldest method of food preservation—is particularly successful for preserving fruits and vegetables. Quite simply, drying removes moisture from food, and moisture is necessary for the bacterial growth that eventually causes spoilage. Without moisture these wraps can last for a year and accompany you on any nature trip, daily excursion or even travel

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